Texas Flood
Performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Year 1983
Appears in Guitar Hero
Tier 6
★★★★ (Expert) 101,006
★★★★★ (Expert) 151,509
Texas Flood

Album cover

Texas Flood is a song by Stevie Ray Vaughan featured in Guitar Hero. It is considered one of the hardest songs to 5-star; the general unreliability of HOPOs in the original Guitar Hero almost forces the player to strum every note, making this chart an unforgiving combo breaker. It also has the infamous OSSoD - the Orange Star Stream of Death (at about 3:59 in the video) - they are triplet thirty-second notes, meaning 48 notes are packed into a measure (12 into a beat).


The song isn't as tough to pass as it is to five star. Although tough HOPO sections are abundant, they won't keep the player struggling to pass; they will most likely just destroy combos. Try to strum as many notes in the longer strings as you can, or if you're daring, go ahead and try those HOPOs.


Difficulty Total Notes Base Score 4-Star 5-Star
Easy 483 28,708 57,416 86,124
Medium 563 33,765 67,530 101,295
Hard 825 47,781 95,562 143,343
Expert 870 50,503 101,006 151,509

Appears InEdit

Guitar Hero (6th tier)

This song appears as a Cover Version.


Texas Flood FC 270k custom

Texas Flood FC 270k custom

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