"The Spirit of Radio" is a song by the Canadian progressive rock band, Rush. It's from their Permanent Waves, which was released in 1980. It's playable on Guitar Hero 5. The live version is an unreleased recording from June 17th, 1980 at the Apollo in Manchester, England.


You will need to be moving your fingers at blind speed to match up with the frets. This song is insanely hard and will be a pain for your fingers, because you'll need to stretch them to play the notes and repeat for about 20 seconds before switching. The "rasta break" in the song is the easiest part of the song, but it will progress to a harder difficulty. It takes a true expert to perfect this song.

The bass can be just as difficult for this song, but hammer ons will make it easier, as long as you can be quick and nimble on your fingers. Alt strumming is recommended.

Singing can be hard, because of Geddy Lee's high singing. It goes up and down but gets harder as it goes lower during the rasta break.

The drumming isn't like playing Hot For Teacher, but it's just as hard with the quick drumming. Stay frisky.