They Say is by the experimental rock band Scars on Broadway. It is in the first tier in Guitar Hero 5 at the venue The 13th Rail. It is in the 1st tier for guitar, 2nd for Bass, 3rd for Drums, and 3rd for Vocals. The bonus challenge is for drums. To get gold you need to hit 200 snares (red notes), for platinum you need 225 snares, and for diamond you need 245 snares.

This is THE easiest song in the entire Guitar Hero franchise, even beating I Love Rock & Roll and Slow Ride in terms of how easy it is. All the song is (on Expert) is descending single notes, descending chords and long sections of strumming the same note. Even if you cannot alt-strum, an FC can be achieved easily on a first run.

How To Get Diamond[]

To get diamond, play the song on Hard or Expert. The song should have a sufficient amount of red notes for you get diamond. If needed, turn on the No Fail cheat and concentrate only on the red notes. The outro has alternating drum and kick notes which might throw you off guard and stop you from achieving diamond.