Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight --
as made famous by Spinal Tap
Tier: 1 (PS2) 2 (X360)

Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight is a song by mock rock band Spinal Tap. It is featured on the 1984 album This Is Spinal Tap, which is the soundtrack to a movie of the same name.

It is featured in Guitar Hero II as an encore song, the first encore song on the PS2 version and the second on the Xbox 360 version.


This song is very difficult to get 5 stars on in the Expert difficulty compared to other songs from the first few tiers, mainly due to its fast trills and combo-breaking outro. It is recommended that you abuse the whammy bar in several of the song's Star Power-filled sustains. If you have trouble trying to get the second Star Power Sequence due to the short amount of time you have to recover from the opening trill, don't be afraid to rest your fingers for a second towards the end of the trill to easily nail the SPS. Use your first Star Power immediately, for if you don't, you could risk missing out on the next SPS. Alternate-strum for the main GY-GY GY-GB riff. The third time you come across this riff, it can get a bit repetitive, so you could easily break your combo there. Save your SP during the bridge full of sustains, and use it when the next wave of trills comes. Save the next round of SP for the final GY-GY GY-GB riff (be careful of the change in notes at the end of this riff!). Again, the outro can be a combo-breaker, so just alt-strum your heart out.


100% on Expert

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