Trippolette is a special song in the original Guitar Hero  that can only be play with the help of cheat applications like Gameshark or Action Replay. The song was originally composed by Andrew Buch, a former Harmonix employee. The song was cut from the game and is not included in Guitar Hero II or Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s.


Beating the song requires a lot of effort, as getting 5 stars is a tough challenge. It will be a problem to keep your multiplier up during the solos because of the messed up Hammer-on/Pull-off mechanics in the game as well as the small timing window to hit said solos. It also doesn't help that the song's music is 7 beats a measure rather than 8, so strumming in constant rhythm is tricky. Most of the song is 3 notes in a beat so you must know how to alt-strum consistantly for long periods of time. It helps that there is a ridiculous amount of Star Power sections in this song: 14 Star Power sections are found in a song that is under 2:30.


  • The song was originally composed by Buch for his Advanced Modal Harmony project.
  • The song was planned to be in GH1, but was cut at the last second because it was "snuck onto the disc by someone in QA without the dev team knowing until too late. Needless to say, he doesn't work at Harmonix anymore."
  • Buch later re-composed and released the song on Rock Band Network, including Bass and Drum parts. The guitar is a lot easier thanks to the improved HOPO mechanics of later Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.

Score SummaryEdit

Base Score 4 Stars 5 Stars Maximum Score
44,911 89,822 134,733


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