The Uber Song 2 was a custom song created by invader037 in 2007. It was designed to be a sequel to the original Uber Song, but is shorter, harder, has more notes, has no Star Power, and includes more songs in the audio than the original Uber Song.

The song[edit | edit source]

The Uber Song 2 is divided into 5 parts:

The first part begins with the famous "This is Sparta" quote from 300. Then the part begins with ascending HOPO patterns and a few GO-RB-Y-RB chords before ending with a G-O-R-B-Y HOPO pattern. The audio used is Xephyr by Tatsh.

The second part is a mess of GR-RY-YB-BO-BO-YB-RY-GR chords, GR-GY-GB-GO-GB-GY-GR chords and descending quads. Then there are GY-OY-RY-BY chords before finishing with the same mess of chords. The section is 25 NPS on average. The audio used is The Air That I Breathe by All That Remains.

The third part begins with descending quints, and later uses a G-G-R-R-G-G-Y-Y-G-G-B-B-G-G-O-O pattern at around 25 NPS before ending with a GRO-GBO chord pattern and faster descending quints. The audio used is Night of the Slunk by Buckethead.

  • The third break's audio is the Macarena by Los del Rio.

The fourth part begins with 35-40 NPS GO-RB and GR chords, includes a 5-note sweep in the middle, and ends with a 30 NPS 5-note sweep pattern with hidden second Green notes. The audio used is Slunk Parade (Freaks in the Back) by Buckethead, which is the audio preview in the song selection screen.

  • The fourth break's audio is once again taken from 300. This time the quote is "This is where we hold them. This is where we fight! This is where they die!"

The fifth part is indeed death: The sweep pattern from the end of the fourth section is sped up to 60-70 NPS. Then the section is filled with 70-80 NPS strumming and G-R-Y-R trees with hidden second Red notes. This continues before it ends with a continuous pattern of the same G-R-Y-R trees. The audio used is the bridge from Push Push (Lady Lightning) by Bang Camaro.

  • The final break is the laughter used from Madhouse by Anthrax. The song then ends with a gunshot, mimicked by a four-note chord.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • invader037 quoted in the video's description that this was just a bit of fun to see how many notes he could put in a song.
  • The Uber Song 2 was uploaded to YouTube only 4 days after the original Uber Song.
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