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u say Flowers, I say Puddle of Mudd

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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock - Judy Nails

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock - Judy Nails

She winked at me!

A Fan Fic of Poor Judy Nails's LifeEdit

In 2005 Judy Nails discovered that she wasn't famous for her music, but cause she was hot which made her really mad. In 2007 Judy Nails started becoming Chubbier so she could at least become famous for her music. In 2009 she started getting involved with drugs and depression. In 2010 she died and went to hell since she is seen as a demon Grrl in GH:WoR

How I imagine Female Guitar Hero Characters personalities Edit

  • Judy Nails - 
    Can be nice as a angle when in nice interactions, and as evil as a demon when in un-friendly interactions.
  • PandoraMysteryious powers to communicate with animals and spirits from diferent dimesnsions of other worlds. Can see people's auras and
    Pandora GH.WT
  • Casey Lynch Mean, Rude, and Tough!  Easily gets mad and is only friendly to few people.
  • Midori - Sweet ,and very friendly. She can also be very chilidsh in a friendly way and loves stuffed animals!

Total Drama Hero elimenation Table Edit

Table Elimenation
Member Team Place
Axel Steel Fret Board 15th
Shirley Crowley Poison Guitar 14th
Clive Winston Poison Guitar 13th
Casey Lynch Fret Board 12th
Izzy Sparks Fret Board 11th
Marcus_Fretshredder Fret Board 10th
Pandora Poison Guitar 9th
Metalhead Fret Board 8th
Eddie Knox Poison Guitar 7th
Xavier Stone Poiosn Guitar 6th
Johny Napalm Fret Board 5th
Midori Poison Guitar 4th
Riki Lee Fret Board 3rd
Judy Nails Poison Guitar 2nd
Lars Umlaut Poison Guitar 1st Winner!
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