What happened to the old Guitar Hero we used to know? What happened to all the epic characters such as Johnny Napalm, Izzy Sparks, & Axel Steel? What happened to the covers of epic music (don't get me wrong, the covers for "Killing in the Name," "Search & Destroy," "Who Was In My Room Last Night?," "Surrender," & "Psychobilly Freakout" in Guitar Hero 2 were awesome)? What happened to the 5-colored fret guitar? I get that people had trouble with hitting the orange fret to play those hard chords, such as the Green-Orange chord in "DEAD!" by My Chemical Romance in the XBOX 360 edition of Guitar Hero II. What happened to awesome venues like The Blackout Bar, Backyard Bash, or The 13th Rail? 

All in all, the new Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero LIVE, is by far the worst idea I ever heard of! First person view, real bands, real crowd, new guitar, its all different! I think that Guitar Hero should have stayed with Harmonix or RedOctane, so it could stay the best series ever. However the Rock Band series is pretty good, even if the setlist for Rock Band 4 isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. 

I loved the Band Mode introduced in Guitar Hero World Tour, but now its gone, and now its only Guitar & Vocals, NO DRUMS AND BASS!!!!! >:( GODDANGIT! It's a good thing the Rock Band series is here.

The best games in this series are Guitar Hero 2, Smash Hits, and World Tour.

But I'm just wondering: Why did Harmonix give Guitar Hero to NeverSoft? 

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