You Give Love a Bad Name
Performed by Bon Jovi
Year 1986
Appears in Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades
Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero Live
Tier GHOT:D: 1980s tier
★★★★ (Expert)
★★★★★ (Expert)

You Give Love a Bad Name was Bon Jovi's first number one hit. It is from the album Slippery When Wet. The version used in the game is the High-Definition side on the DVD side of the DualDisc version of the album, similar to Livin' on a Prayer in Guitar Hero World Tour. However, the outro is only exclusive to the Guitar Hero series as no versions with the outro exists, although the band continues singing as Jon stops is from the original song before the song has crossfaded to Livin' On a Prayer.

Appears In[]

Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades (1980s tier)

Guitar Hero 5

This song appears as a Master Track.

Guitar Hero Live (GHTV)

This song appears as a Music Video in GHTV.


Although the last half of the solo can be difficult if not practiced, the rest of the song is quite easy. Most of it is either a simple riff or sustained chords. The outro can be tricky and easily break a full combo, however.

Song Stats[]

No cutoffs have been proven for this song yet

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