Zakk Wylde Guitar Duel
Performed By Zakk Wylde
Year 2008
Appears in Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Genre Rock
Guitar Intensity 90%
Bass Intensity 30%
Drums Intensity 20%
Vocals Intensity N/A
Length 3 min 41 sec
Music noicon

"Zakk Wylde Guitar Duel" is a song by Zakk Wylde made for the game Guitar Hero World Tour. It is normally playable in the Carieer mode, but it's also a downloadable track from the online store for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock under the name "Guitar Duel With Zakk Wylde (Co-Op)". Basicaly what this duel is about, is playing with Zakk, but trying to win with score points. It is kind of like playing with another opponent.

Sections[edit | edit source]

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